The Truth

In reality, we really does not care bout the truth of our own life...
Even we said we care. but we do not actually...
Matter of fact, knowing the truth is so much pain. and its keep coming even we did not ask it coming.

And now i'm talking bout myself out there...
did i survive? how does my life end up out there..
i really know bout that yet..
but i'm pretty sure its not that good..

just as i thought, my life is pretty messy..
with all kind of love-hate stuff...
its like creeping inside my head and did not want to come out..
its quite terrible for to handle up alone..

kind of hope that somebody would come out and do rescue me from the hill of dark..
that keep playing around in my head...
btw its pretty awesome to have somebody to love and be loved..
not that awesome to does not have either one..

but i'm sure everyone have somebody that he/she might love..except the family..
like myself..
i do have someone that i really do care..
unfortunately..the hole getting bigger and my love life getting deeper..
its turned me down...what can i get??
hurm....perfectly nothing..eventually maybe..

i know that he might miss me but not sure he was going to love just like i love him..
i might be blind by my pretty-love thingy....i cant see that love from him..
or i just hoping to much from him..
nowdays, he kind of getting rid of me..
or maybe i was over reacting bout this..

for sure i know he was and in kine of busy with all work and junk that he need to do for his future..
everyone busy in their own kind of way...i'm pretty sure that they still have time for little talk bout little2 something right?
why dont he have it for me? at least for 30 minute..or 10 minute or 5 second to say i love you...
does it hard to say that word?? or he afraid of saying at only mouth but does not care what does it mean..

thats all

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