what's going on me right now??
seems like i'm being a crazy person..
i always a crazy person..
never doubt bout it...hahahhaa

it just..i had a feeling to someone..
really wanna be with him..
i wanna make a label between us...
i know label is kind of lame for him..
but i really want it...

maybe i need to cool down after all hell that he have been through...
but..i cant stop thinking bout him..
my heart is always waiting for him...
i really hope that he still remember me all time..
even he was tired busy or what ever things he did...

i know he miss me so much..
just like i miss him...
patient!! patient is all i need for him..
let him be first..
let he decide what he wanna do first...
job family or anything else...
kind of hope that he want me too...hehehehe

thats all!!!
miss u so much!!!

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